Todra Gorge(ous) and Aït Ben Haddou

The past two days are better told in photos than in words. Wednesday morning, we packed up camp and rode our camels back to mainland while the sun was rising. We said goodbye to a Said, ate breakfast at the hotel where we had stored our luggage, then headed out to the road once more….

A night under the stars in the Sahara Desert

“You should always smile and be happy because you never know what tomorrow’s going to be like.” That’s what our camel driver said when someone asked him why he’s so happy. His name was Said (Sigh-eed), a word meaning “happy” in Arabic. Most of us thought he was crazy, even drunk; shrieking, cackling and snorting…

A day in Fes, Morocco’s happiest city

I knew from yesterday’s introduction to Fes that I would like city, but I realized today that it will probably be my favorite cities in Morocco. It’s a beautiful city, for one thing, and it’s filled with some of the happiest people in Morocco. Today we had another local guide take us around his hometown….

Exploring Meknes, Volubilis and Fes

It feels like we’ve been in Morocco for weeks now because we have done and seen so much, though we’re only on the third day of the tour. Yesterday morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and set out for Meknes. Our bus is a small but comfortable white van with just enough seats for…

Markets and Meetups: Day two in Casablanca

I quickly acclimated to Moroccan culture and was able to enjoy my second day with fewer culture blasts than the first. I got a late start to the day, enjoying my time to sleep and eat breakfast at the hotel (which was wonderful, by the way! I highly recommend Moroccan House Hotel for anyone staying…